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Designing for a Writer-led Music Band


Band Called Nine


Music Band




Logo Design, Corporate Identity,
Digital Design, SEO,
Visual Merchandise

The Project

Design Brief

During a casual meeting with a close friend, he asked our Founder, Parag Bhuptani, to listen to something. It was on a mobile phone. Within first few minutes, he was hooked on. It brought back memories of his childhood. Pure happy nostalgia. He asked him about the audio. The friend said it was Neelesh Misra and that he is starting his own writer-led band. The friend enquired if he would design the logo, website et al. Parag said "Don’t bother about anything. I am in."

Our approach

This is one of his favourite logos and it still stands the test of time. It was a result of igniting one's emotions to design. The logo was designed within 30 minutes - the fastest logo design that Parag has designed from scratch. After going through few rounds of refinements, it was implemented everywhere - website, invitation cards, CD Covers, all the merchandise etc.

The album was about love, heartbreak and longing. The black base color helped in communicating the mood, while also accentuating the engaging pictures. The album, released in 2011, paved the way for Neelesh Misra to become the best storyteller in India. Since then Neelesh has been telling stories to people on the radio via the show Yaadon ka Idiotbox on RedFm . He started the trend of storytelling in India. He has a fan following throughout the world.