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Designing for pets


Bioved Pharmaceuticals Inc.


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Communication Design,
Packaging Design, Photography,
SMM, Digital Marketing

The Project

Design Brief

Bioved is headquartered in San Jose, California with subsidiaries in Pune, India and Hanoi, Vietnam. The Company has a very robust discovery platform for safe and effective, natural, plant-based nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and OTC products from the Science of Ayurveda. Their products are marketed in several countries in Asia-Pacific and in the US. We are their design firm of choice since 2009.

In January of 2020, we were briefed on the new product that they had developed specially for dogs - Anitrex. This product, made from herbs, gives long-term benefits in the bone, muscle and joint health. We had not worked on any projects for animals. This presented a good opportunity to work on something new.

After Anitrex, we designed 2 other products in the same family - Anilean, for Healthy Weight Loss and Ammunex, for Building Immunity. More products are in pipeline.

Our approach

Dogs are beautiful. We have so many different breeds and sizes with different temperaments, purposes etc. We studied the dogs as well as the people with their dogs. It was interesting to find how people think of their dogs and the role these pets play in their lives.

Our findings: Dogs are playful, fun, trustworthy, loving, caring, funny, emotional... beings. Most people include/address them as family. Inspired by these elements, when we showcased various concepts to a closed group of people, we had a unanimous winner.

We designed the family look using behaviourial aspect of dogs and in some cases leveraging our imaginations and imparting an element of fun.