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Corporate branding for an IT Company


Mind Technologies


Information Technology




Product Strategy, Product Identity,
Communication Design, Product Packaging,
Digital Design, UI Design

The Project

Design Brief

Mind Technologies is an IT Company engaged in making software for homeopathy treatments. The Company is a pioneer and has developed homeopathy software with the largest database of materia medica in the world.

We were brought in to help them with the design and launch of their flagship product. While working on that, the Client felt the need to design its corporate logo.

Our approach

Research into the product itself and trying to understand the reasons for its luke warm success. We found the Company had been sitting on many software gems that were completely ignored - eg. homeopathy of pets. Even the newly designed product with worlds largest database, did not have clear launch strategy.

We helped them strategise 8 different software packages identifying various target segments for each. Starting from a free software for homeopathy students to an entreprise version that worked on network for large hospitals, the Company launched all these 8 different software from December 2011 to June 2012.

We helped them position 3 software for launch in December of 2011 that would help break all the past perceptions. We devised a comprehensive strategy that included naming, product identity, communication, product launch video, exhibition booth, amongst other things. We consulted them on the pricing for each of the 3 software in relation to the other 5 software that were to be launched subsequently in 2012.

The response at the International Homeopathy Congress was overwhelming. The Company sold 4 of Hompath Purple Rock software priced over 3times the old MD version, a networked version of Hompath Wildfire priced at over 7 times the old MD version and with having over 100 bookings for standalone Hompath Wildfire.

Design helped them break the moulds of the past and surge ahead with a high performance growth.