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Designing for Fitness


Gymer Inc.


Fitness Startup




Website, Mobile App,
Corporate Identity

The Project

Design Brief

Gymer is a silicon valley startup that has innovated a technology to track your gym workouts efficiently and accurately. We were a part of the founding team. The founders, acknowledging out depth of knowledge, our operating philosophies, engaged with us at a time when the technology was just taking shape. Working with a startup is a challenge that we love. The rush of working on something new that can change the world for better is the only resource one starts with. The team comes together on the way. Funds are always to be raised. And a lot needs to be achieved, completed before the funds get raised. The classic chicken-n-egg!

Our approach

The technology works like magic. The users needs to wear a wrist band. And at the start of any excercise, just needs to speak to the small device mounted on the weight lifting device. After that, every rep and set along with details of weights, velocity, progress gets tracked.

Seeing this work, it felt like magic. Even the shortest of the reps were captured accurately. The time for doing excercise, the rest time, everything. The small device was power-packed with technology.

It becomes easier when one starts with a strong purpose and the entire team buys in to the idea. We worked with the team on developing a UX journey that was well researched. The entire journey was practically informed by users. While deficiency of money at the initial stages is challenging and frustrating, it also motivates the team into multi-tasking and push forward. We managed to prototype the product on paper, refine the UX and then design the UI. The design was also guided by the sensibilities of the users. Right from choosing a dark interface with bright colors and fonts that showed strength. Users loved the app.

The beta was prepared for showcasing to investors and how it worked. The plan was to make every gym smart and interactive. The corporate identity including the pre-launch website with visuals, colors, photographs conveyed the technology and its power boldly.

We worked for over 6-7 months with the startup, mentored them and helped them strategise and design.