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How we are helping an F&B company with their growth efforts


Shree Datta Snacks


Food & Beverages




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The Project

Design Brief

Shree Datta Snacks is a popular name when it comes to the authentic maharashtrian cuisine - especially Vada Pav (Potato fritter in a Pao meaning bread bun). They have earned their reputation over the years through consistent quality and their 'no-compromise' policy. The company had about 7 outlets when they connected with us in 2019.

The Company was facing an ironical situation. Inspite of having an enviable reputation and fan following, they felt stifled in their growth. They wanted to grow their customer-base. The challenge: The name, Shree Datta, is a name of a diety and hence cannot be registered. Moreover, there were many outlets, who wanted to leverage the name and reputation, starting using the name with different spelling but similar or overlapping menus. These outlets, at times, could be found within 50metres of the original outlet, causing confusion in the minds of the customers.

The Company not only wanted to resolve this, but also wanted to create a distinct modern brand rooted in maharashtrian culture.

Our approach

We undertook a preliminary study of the Company, the brand, the operations, customer experience everything that we could dig into. We presented our findings integrated with a way forward to the Management. We seemed aligned with the Management's vision. This started our journey with one of the biggest brands in F&B sector in Maharashtra. We are now the preferred design and consulting firm for all their businesses.

We helped the Company launch their dry snacks with a completely refreshed packaging design. The design elements have been inspired from pinguli art, a local folk art of Maharashtra. While the package itself has been designed, including nomenclature, for international appeal (exports), Communication has been kept in sync with how customers perceive these snacks and when they consume it.