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A traditionally managed Company embraces design.


Advance Metal Powder


Welding Industry,




Board signage, Product Tags,
Brochure, Standees,
Envelopes, Business cards

The Project

Design Brief

Advance Metal Powder (AMP) is a Company established in 1988 and was managed traditionally. They approached us when the new generation joined the business and wanted to grow the business.

We helped them crystallise their core and helped communicate it through design across print as well as digital medium. A design language that could be understood and respected by their target market was evolved using creative product photography and visuals. The Company has been able to establish a respectable brand in its B2B markets while seeing a significant change in the way the customers view and deal with the Company.

We continue to work with them across all their design requirements.

Our approach

We developed our understanding of their product offerings through extensive reading. The challenge of containing creative concepts within the narrow gamut of understanding of the target audience was overcome using photography as a medium.

Welding enables us to make any form from small joints to large bridges. The only limitation one has while creating any form is his/her own imagination. Using this insight, we designed a visual language that integrated various vector forms with the actual photographs.

The logo uses elements of rods and powder to exude the same dynamism while communicating simplicity of the product.