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Infusing design into a Law Firm


Nishith Desai Associates


Law Firm




Brand Design,Publication Design,
Digital Design, Signage,

The Project

Design Brief

Nishith Desai Associates is a distinctly different Law Firm offering legal and tax counselling worldwide. A law firm that has has been acclaimed as the most innovative law firm in India three times in a row along with many others.

We are the in-house design team for the Law Firm since 2012 and help them in maintaining their brand presence across different media - print as well as digital. We collaborate with a Germany-based design firm to deploy the designs.

Our approach

We work closely with the Firm on all their design requirements like Events, Marketing Collaterals, Signage Design, Furniture Design, Mementos, etc.

The Law Firm believes in ‘riding the waves’ works with the approach of 'Anticipate. Prepare. Deliver.' The visual language uses 3-Dimensional as well as 2-Dimensional futuristic visuals. Use of colors have been kept bright and bold. The document designs exude the feel of top quality international research paper. The identity design of the Firm has set a very high benchmark for other law firms in India.