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Coffee Table Book

The Project

Design Brief

Lalbaugcha Raja (The King of Lalbaug) is the name given to Lord Ganesha who takes the throne at Parel in Central-South Mumbai during the 11 day festival of Ganesh Chathurthi, starting on the day he was born.

Lalbaugcha Raja's history goes back to the freedom struggle of India, when freedom fighter, Lokmanya Tilak, was finding ways to unite the people of India. The Ganesh Chathurthi Festival of 11 days did just that - brought people of India under a common faith.

Our approach

Designing a book on The King was a challenge as he has the faith of the people across all the strata of society spread across the world. People revere his place even during the rest of the year when He is not on His throne. During the festival, people stand in queue for over 3 days just to touch his feet or get a glimpse. We had to capture the immensity of this faith and present His grandeur to the reader so that he experiences the exact same thing had he visited The King personally.

We designed the Book as a collectors item. The size, the paper specifications, post-production everything was designed with 1 goal - A book that gives experience of His presence to the reader even after 50-80 years. We chose special acid-free paper to reduce the paper-aging with time. The final book weighed over 3.5Kg ensuring that no one opens it standing or casually. The reader has to sit and then open the book as a mark of respect. And one has to wear gloves while going through the book.