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Introducing design to a Patent
Processing Company


IPPro Inc.


Patent Processing Firm,




Logo Design, Communication Design,
Corporate Identity, Digital Design,
SEO, Environmental Graphics

The Project

Design Brief

IPpro is a full-service patent processing company. After 10 years of its establishment, they felt the need to communicate their evolved services better to their global clients. The Company is a part of the global legal & tax counselling firm, Nishith Desai Associates.

The Client approached us for redesigning their brand communication. The brief was to conceptualise a visual language that was in sync with that of Nishith Desai Associates.

Our approach

Taking cues from the identity design of Nishith Desai Associates, we successfully blended the elements of innovation with the word IPpro using the visual language of the law firm. The result is a sophisticated wordmark that embeds the greek lowercase alphabet phi. Phi also represents the Golden Ratio with a constant value of 1.618, the constant that is used in equations to explain innovations.

This constant was used in the creation of various visuals to be used within office interiors, their signage and other elements. Communication was built around the core of their services - sharp focused, intelligent and agile - using creative interpretations from the animal world.

The website was designed using animations that effectively communicated their services. A content management system was plugged in to help them keep the website updated with fresh content.